We understand the interconnection between creativity, culture & digital and know how to unlock the combined value of this to enhance capability for our clients.  We call this our ‘Unified Innovation Flow’ model.

  • Artisans of Innovation is based in the UK and Brussels.  As an innovation consultancy, we are driven by our passion for the creative economy and its capability to drive forward and fuel new innovations and create transformative & disruptive impact.

  • We specialise in human-centric innovation and sector ecosystem development.

  • Our consultants are experts in their respective fields – bringing together discipline-specific knowledge and skills to form a powerful harmonised innovation mindset.  They are consultants without borders – fluent in creative, cultural and digital dialogue, capable of working across sectors and bringing the best of one sector to another.

  • We are closely attuned to the needs of our clients and their innovation journey in emerging economies, growth sectors frontiers, helping them to successfully chart and navigate that journey and reach new frontiers.

  • Our vision is a society where the creative sectors play a central & recognised role in the wider economy to enable flow and exchange between other sectors. A flow and exchange that delivers mutual benefit, leverages investment across sectors and results in a greater creative innovative economy.



Johanna Suo


Founding Partner & Principal Consultant in Culture and Creative


Johanna specialises in cultural strategy, culture in external relations and cooperation, transfer of skills & perspectives from creative sectors to business sectors, creative economy development and innovation.

HAMEED Khawar.jpg

Prof. Khawar Hameed


Founding Partner & Principal Consultant in Digital Innovation


Khawar specialises in information systems, digital strategy, digital innovation & transformation and digital leadership.  He is passionate about cross-sector innovation & the role of technology to create transformative societal impact & value.

RUDGE Peter.jpg

Peter Rudge


Non-Executive Director (Chair)


Peter specialises in the development of creative economies in developing & challenged regions – internationally in Small Island Developing States & in the UK – in areas of economic and social depression. He is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Expert Network and the United Nations Expert Group on Creative Economies.

To enquire about our services contact one of our team directly or email hello@artisansofinnovation.com

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