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Johanna Kouzmine-Karavaïeff
Founding Partner & Principal Consultant in Culture and Creative

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Johanna has a deep knowledge of culture and creative sectors and she specialises in creative economy development, culture in economic diversification, arts-and design based innovation & crossovers and cultural policy - relations and diplomacy.

In 2023 Johanna was contracted by the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture for a global small-scale benchmarking of creative cross-innovations. In this context she has written a policy brief on the topic that will be publicly presented in September 2023.


In 2022 Johanna did a study on cultural economy development for the ministry of finance, department of foresight, in Algeria in the context of the EU-Algeria Association Agreement (P3A). The outcome with her work were operational mechanisms and policy advice for an economically viable cultural policy. 


With twenty + years of experience from culture and creative sectors (CCS) she has a wide view and profound understanding of the sectors.


As Marshall Memorial Fellow of the German Marshall Fund of the United States she focused on culture and youth as economic drivers and in cultural diplomacy.  As G100 Country Chair for the Arts Leadership wing she works for advancing creative economy development and advocate for culture and its role in society.


She holds a master II from Université Lyon Lumière 2 in France and her theses “Cultural Diplomacy – an exercise for the tightrope artist - Politically motivated image building, cultural capacity building, or creating a better world?” was based on her work on cultural diplomacy which she positioned in relation to other ongoing practice and discourse.


A Herrman Wholebrain Thinking assessment showed that Johanna has a yellow profile (creative, imaginative, intuitive, holistic) – and is thus well-suited to working with, and adapting to, innovation processes.


Johanna can deliver work in the following areas:

  • Assessments, mappings, value-chain analysis, evaluations

  • Policy analysis and advice

  • Intersectoral ready cultural policy

  • Development of cultural diplomacy and cultural relations programmes

  • Facilitation of business model innovation in CCS

  • Facilitation and implementation of CCS ecosystems

  • Technical assistance missions in all the above-mentioned areas

  • Strategy, thought leadership, keynote speeches, concept development

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