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We are an innovation consultancy partnership that specialises in human-centric innovation and cross-sector ecosystem development


Artists, Designers & Business in Cross-Sector Collaboration

On 10th March 2022 , we launched the report, "Artists, Designers & Business in Cross-Sector Collaboration" 

This new report raises awareness of the immense potential of cross-sector collaboration between artists, designers, and the corporate sector.

Effective collaboration between these sectors is important now and in the future. Companies face challenges in a world of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), and they must overcome these challenges to survive and thrive. They need to be equipped and prepared with the skills and capability to do this. Cross-sector collaboration between artists, designers and the corporate world could, if formalised, professionalised, and orchestrated answer to the needs and problems in these areas.


After the pandemic, business model innovation is needed more than ever in the culture & creative sectors and especially for the different art disciplines.

The report makes seventeen recommendations that can help to engineer changes in how cross-sector collaboration in these sectors is approached and practised.

If you are a policy maker, change agent, responsible for driving innovation in your organisation, or a culture & creative sector professional then this report will be of interest to you.

Speakers included:

  • Ariane Berthoin-Antal. ​​ Professor, WZB Berlin Social Science Center, Germany, and Audencia Business School, Nantes, France

  • Khawar Hameed. Principal Consultant in Digital Innovation, Artisans of Innovation, UK

  • Peter Hanke. Conductor and Associate Fellow Oxford Saïd, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Johanna Kouzmine-Karavaieff. Principal Consultant in Culture and Creative,  Artisans of Innovation, Belgium

  • Benoit Lejeune. Head of Transformation and Sustainability, Vivaqua, Belgium

  • Bonga Ntuli. Strategy Director: Royal Haskoning DHV, South Africa


Take part in our survey on artists & designers in corporate innovation! 

We’d really like to hear your thoughts on the role of artists & designers in corporate innovation. 


The results will help to develop a better understanding of the opportunities for cross-sectoral collaboration and the role of artists & designers in the corporate innovation process.  The survey will only take around 2 minutes of your time and results will be shared with participants.


We support governments and national & regional agencies to stimulate and catalyse innovation by leveraging the power of creativity, culture and digital to develop high-impact transformative programmes.

About Us

We understand the interconnection between creativity, culture & digital and know how to unlock the combined value of this to enhance capability for our clients.  We call this our ‘Unified Innovation Flow’ model.


We believe in developing a close and deep working relationship with our clients, starting with sharing our values.



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